The older generation are marrying too!

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So, I recently read an article about how there has been a steady increase in the number of people aged 65 and over getting married and divorced.

Let’s Get Married

I have to say; I was quite surprised at the statistics. Take a look:

The number of brides and grooms aged 65 and over went up by 46% in a decade, from 7,468 in 2004 to 10,937 in 2014.  The graph below shows a pictorial of the stats. The rate of marriage for male and females aged 65 and over has been on the increase since 2009, even when the results are looked at comparatively with the number of people who are single, divorced or widowed. Interesting eh?

You might be wondering why the stark difference between the sexes? Well, it was found that men tend to marry younger women. 56% of men 65 and older who got married in 2014, married women younger than 65. However, just 22% of women aged 65 and over married men younger than 65. Yep, that is a BIG difference!
Moreover, only 8% of those were first timers, meaning 92% were either divorcees, widows and widowers. Now that stat is not so shocking.

Are they sticking it out?

The stats here show that the divorce rate has been “broadly consistent” for those aged 65 and over, while there is shown to be a bit of a decline (28%) for the rest of the population between 2005 and 2015.
Recent research by ONS highlighted, “In England and Wales, divorce is in decline – our most recent 10 years of data show a 28% fall in the number of divorces between 2005 and 2015.”  They also said,

“But older people are bucking the trend. In the same period, the number of men divorcing aged 65 and over went up by 23% and the number of women of the same age divorcing increased by 38%.”

Why are so many older people getting married?

The increase in older people ending and forming new relationships is likely to be because they are living longer. So, why not get married? If they have found someone they can live out the rest of their life with; go on cruises, holidays, days out; share cuddles with on the sofa with a cup of herbal…why not?!

In 2004, an average 65-year-old man could expect to live for a further 17 years and a woman for a further 20 years. Continuing a long-term trend, in 2017, this has increased to 19 years for a man and almost 22 years for a woman. The gap between male and female life expectancy is also narrowing.

Is it good or bad?

This is good news for families because it means grandparents can play more of an active role in the lives of their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. There’s even space for them to give back to their community by volunteering at their local school, being a governor perhaps? The older generation has so much to offer their communities. Hurray, they are living longer!

There’s a wise commandment which says, “Honour thy mother and father, that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.” Here’s to those who have helped pave the way for us to have the privileges and freedoms we have today. Thank you xxx
They deserve to live happy and long lives filled with love and happy memories. Don’t you agree?

Reference:Office for National Statistics


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