The long term impact of abuse no one considers

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Experience & Empathy

During my time auditing social worker reports and assessments, I have often read assessments which fall short of properly correlating and weighing up the vulnerabilities of parents with that of their childhood experiences.



eighteen years of experience working with children and families in my capacity as a Social Worker, I am used to hearing about and writing about the vulnerabilities of individuals.

I have undertaken hundreds of assessments where I have had to strongly consider, weigh up and correlate, where relevant, the impact of the parent historical experiences (often in childhood) with that of their experiences as an adult and how those experiences, in particular, impact how they parent and keep their children safe.

The Crime Survey of England and Wales (year ending March 2016) shows a higher proportion of survivors of child abuse (psychological, physical, sexual assault or who witnessed domestic abuse) went on to experience abuse in adulthood compared with those who suffered no childhood abuse.

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