One of our core beliefs at All About Families is that to successfully engage and meet the needs of individuals within our communities, the professionals working with them must be ethical, client centred and committed to self-development. We believe that this value is especially important when working with vulnerable adults, children or people in the midst of crisis.

With that in mind, we will be providing a range of engaging services that Social Workers and professionals in other disciplines can access. 

We provide a range of CPD activities and engagement tools for Social Workers and Health & Social Care professionals.  Here they are…

‘Networking 4 Social Workers’ is AAF’s bi-monthly get together exclusively for Social Workers 

The event brings together Social Workers, of all experience levels and from far and wide, to come together to have FUN!  With networking, games, stimulating discussion, buffet and more, these events are not to be missed.  Come along and make the beginning of your working week feel like an extended weekend.  Click the paypal button to book…

Join us on Tuesday 30th July 2019
Buy your ticket here

COMING SOON: ‘We Talk Webinars’ on the last Thursday of every month 

Nicole will host a range of hot topics relevant to Social Workers, featuring guest speakers.  Click the flyer to get access…

The NicoleMLouis’ Learning Portal will be launched at the end of Autumn 2019!


There is an extensive list of short and full courses; as well as products exclusively for Social Workers.  There will also be a range of courses and products for other professionals and families.  Here is our signature course…


‘ISWLaunchpad’ is a signature course for Social Workers who want to continue doing what they love without sacrificing work-life balance.  Nicole teaches Social Workers the step-by-step process to being fully independent.

Learn more here.  Register here to be notified of when enrolment reopens.

Consultation for Social Workers

In the meantime, if you need help to think about what steps you should be taking to start your practice, book a consultation with me for specific and measurable goals.

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What next?
1.  Book your ticket for the next Networking 4 Social Workers

2.  Join the free Facebook group for Social Workers to get exclusive access to my webinars

3.  Book a consultation to move forward while you wait for the launch of  Nicole’s Learning Portal

Why engage with AAF?

Well, our events, webinars and courses:

  • Are practical
  • Can be attended in person or virtually to suit everyone (networking, webinar & courses)
  • Will be valuable CPD hours (networking, webinar & courses) 
  • Can be learned at your own pace (courses)
  • Include a certificate (courses)
  • Are introductory and refresher level (courses)
  • Are interactive and challenging at each level (courses)
  • Will be fun and interactive to help you cement your knowledge (networking, webinar & courses)
  • Provide you with opportunities to hear from select speakers and engage across the sector with other experienced Social Workers from a variety of disciplines (networking & webinars)
  • Discounted when you order more than two (courses)