We understand that the many legislative changes within the immigration and family law sectors have had a huge impact on the demeaned for legal services in these areas; as well as the timescales in which reports and assessment need to be completed.

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Court Reports, Assessments & Family Support

So we can help you meet the demands of your sector, we provide a range of reports and assessments, all of which come with family support as standard.  By using AAF’s service, you have the opportunity to reassure your clients that they will receive a full package of support and legal care from your firm.  The firms that come back to us time and time again tell us that we are so very competitive on price, that they are grateful for the support their client have received; and our report and assessments are excellent.

Immigration Law

We provide detailed and effective Expert Witness Reports; as well as reports about an individual`s social circumstances that have had a negative impact on their life. Our reports are ideal for presentation to the Home Office for applications and appeals.

Our reports:

  • Section 55 reports
  • Human Rights reports
  • Social Circumstances Report
Family Law

Our services for family lawyers are provided for public and private law proceedings, here in the UK or abroad.

We specialise in the following reports which are thorough and robust:

  • Supervised Contact Assessment
  • Section 7 Report – Children Act 1989
  • Section 37 Report – Children Act 1989
  • Parenting Assessment

Our reports are thorough and robust because our work includes direct work and brief family support as standard. All of our reports include clear and strong recommendations.

Other services we offer are:

  • Court Support – If a client requires support for them or their child prior to Court attendance, AAF can assist them beforehand or on the day)
  • Facilitative Mediation – We have helped families where child contact is an issue. We have helped them come to a solution which is fair and where everyone leaves satisfied with the outcome. This service is also useful for child contact issues where actual or alleged domestic abuse is an issue. Parties are never in the same room, so there is no confrontation!

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Why use AAF?

Well, our services are:

  • Flexible
  • Tailor made
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Timely, with a quick turn around when needed

Clients will receive:

  • A home visit
  • Bespoke brief family support
  • Signposting to other relevant specialist services
  • A fixed competitive rate
  • A report which holds weight in getting them the result they need!

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