Competition Time!!!

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Hello to all of AAF’s followers, likers and connections!  If you’re engaging with us for the first time, a warm welcome and hello to you too…


So, this is the first competition (not the last!) held by All About Families!  In the spirit of helping families, AAF is giving a free family pass (worth £60) which includes discounts on hundreds of attractions, events and places throughout the UK.

Take these 4 simple steps to win…

  1. Like AAF’s Facebook page
  2. Follow us on Twitter
  3. Connect with us on LinkedIn
  4. Provide AAF with one of your contacts: Either of the following:
    1. Primary School Head Teacher
    2. Family Law Solicitor
    3. Immigration Law Soliitor


Use the ‘Get in touch’ page to share the information…  not the comments box below :O)

iu-59Want to increase your chances of winning? 

For each contact you provide in the three categories, in addition to liking, following and connecting with AAF; you’ll be entered those amount of times, for example, if you provide the name of an Immigration Solicitor, Family Law Solicitor and Primary school Head Teacher, you’ll be entered three times, as opposed to twice if you only gave the details of two solicitors.


The serious stuff (Terms & Conditions)

  • You may provide more than 3 contacts, but you can only be entered a maximum of 3 times.
  • Names will be picked out of a hat on Friday 18.09.15
  • The winner must 18 or over
  • The winner must make the booking for their outing by Saturday 18.10.15
  • The pass is valid for 12 months and can be used for one event within that 12 onto period



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