Child Protection: Consultancy & Training Services

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If you’re ready this, you are probably interested in how you or your organisation can get access to high  quality, bespoke services related to the Social care industry.


Are you board of the ams old mundane child protection training?  Do you facilitate a group for members of the public who would benefit from having expert advice, in confidence, on their specific matter?  Or are you an organisation that wants to provide an even better service to your clients that covers all basis?


Well, AAF have designed a range of services to provide individuals and organisations with not only in depth and practical training; but also an advisory and consultancy service.

At AAF we provide a comprehensive safeguarding training that will be tailored for your specific organisation and will provide training on complex matters –  not the obvious signs of abuse!  We focus on practice that keep children at the centre of our work but which also focuses on building relationships at the same time.

We also recognise that we are living in times where organisations can be ‘Reactive’ as opposed to ‘Pro-active’ when dealign with safeguarding and child protection matter,so we provide training and consultancy for organisations to address this.  We also provide an advisory service, which seeks to support individuals who might have Children’s Services involvement and who need advice, information on support services and support.


Take a look at our flyers and contact us to make a booking today!


Flyer - Immigration & Family Services       Community Flyer

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