We are the A.A of family services!

Serving communities through education & support.  

We are the first point of call for independent, accessible and practical Social Work services offering full value for money!

Our ethos is that wth support and nurturing all individuals can reach their potential.  While working to a professional standard and code of conduct, we remain in partnership with parents, their dependents and practitioners to:

  • Ensure parents/carers are supported to meet the needs of their dependents,
  • Develop parents confidence in their abilities as a parent
  • Ensure children and vulnerable adult’s needs are met,
  • Prevent children and vulnerable adults from experiencing harm,
  • Build on family strengths to enable and empower them to make positive changes,
  • Ensure that professionals are supported to develop proficiency in the areas they are supporting families.

With over sixteen years experience in the Health & Social Care and Social Work field, Nicole formed All About Families.  Her focus is on driving and nurturing change within the lives of individuals, families and communities, here in the UK and abroad.  She does this by using vehicles which involve working with families, education & community settings, legal professionals, and practitioners within the teaching and health & social care sectors.

About the Founder

Nicole knew she wanted to work with vulnerable individuals in communities early on in her teenage years.  As her passion for supporting and nurturing individuals continues to thrive, Nicole continues to evolve, while she remains dynamic, reflective, ethical and hard working.

Nicole gained a Bachelor of Science Degree, qualifying as a Social Worker, in 2007 at the Royal Holloway University of London.  She also gained a Graduate Certificate, qualifying as a Systemic Practitioner, in 2013 at Bedford University in conjunction with the Institute of Family Therapy.  She is a seasoned child protection and family support specialist, a Facilitative Mediator and an accredited Domestic Abuse, Stalking, Harassment & so-called Honour Based Violence (DASH) risk assessor and trainer.

Nicole has committed herself to engaging in academic training; as well as paid and unpaid work to gain qualifications, knowledge, practical experience, skills and expertise to be a caring, dedicated and effective practitioner.

Having worked across the private, public and voluntary sector with children and families for over 16 years, Nicole is now the Chief Executive Officer of her own organisation, ‘All About Families’.


Have a look at the range of bespoke consultancy and support services we offer.   If there is a service you would like but do not see it listed, just call us, and we will always try to create it for you. 

Nicole Louis
Founder & CEO

“I love reading, dining and studying personal development.”