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So yet again a Social Worker asked AAF’s advice on how to become independent.  The well experienced Social Worker wanted to know how she could balance her desire to commit to a team with high case loads and an ever changing senior management structure, along with her passion to give time and proper support to the children and their families she works with.


It’s tough! The battle that Social Workers have within themselves about their loyalties to the department’s they work for verses the families they work for can be soul destroying and exhausting.  Not withstanding that Social Workers are feeling increasing pressurised and wary in the blame culture that exists within the industry.  There’s an indescribable vulnerability and concern that exists among Social Workers working in any sector.  The prospect of Social Workers being at risk of imprisonment only increases fear and concern.


Though many Social Workers are questioning whether they should continue practicing at all, most are simply looking for a way to continue working in the field while upholding the profession and their own ethics and standard of work in the most organic way possible.  They want to deliver the bests care, support, advice and safeguarding to the families they work with, while being autonomous.  They don’t want to feel the guilt of ‘band aiding’ the problems that families present them with because they don’t have enough time; and they don’t want to operate within a system which can often feel persecutory in it’s approach to ‘helping’ or ‘intervening’ in the lives of individuals and families.


There’s been an increase in Social Worker working through an agency, as well as those taking the initial step of setting up their own company.  This however appears to be the step at which they stop, which means that they are still not independent and they continue to be unhappy with their work situation.  What AAF has found it that many Social Workers have this burning desire to organically independent, but they have little idea, time or hands on support to navigate their way through the steps that need to be taken in order to ‘Be Independent’.   So… living up to the All About Families ethos of being bespoke, we have responded.   How? I hear you ask.



All About Families have organised a full day interactive training workshop day for Social Workers who want to practice independently and organically.


For more details look at our flyer:



To be one of the 6 delegates who attend the first workshop, reserve your space by selecting ‘Training’ in the drop down box on the get in touch page.

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