AAF ‘Free Community Day’ Event

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We’re sure you’ve been wondering what AAF has been doing lately?  Well, we’ve been working very hard on organising this year’s major event!

The ‘Free Community Day’ event!!!


As you know, AAF is passionate about children and families in all communities, so it’s no surprise that we have organised yet another event which supports and engages families from all walks of life. You’d remember from our last blog that there has been a rise in migrants and asylum seekers in the UK; not to mention the population is now living longer. This means that there is pressure on existing services to meet the demands of those in their communities.


We want to support members of their community by providing the opportunity to get free or discounted access to services that they would otherwise have to pay for, such as legal services and childcare services, among others. It also gives local small business a platform to share with their community what they do, and how they do it.


The ‘Free Community Day’ is going to be AMAZING!!!

Let me tell you why we say so.


First of all, every flyer has a ticket on it, which gives the first fifyty visitors a free goody bag just for turning up! There will be lots of different professionals ready to help and advise visitor’s from the community on their interests, worries or problems; from help with finding reasonably priced good quality childcare to knowing what to do if you’ve got difficulties with housing or employment. They will even be providing discounts for future services – again just for turning up!


There will be great music, refreshments, a designated ‘Kids Corner’, free information to take away, and opportunities to get exclusive first access to future events and prizes by AAF. And if that’s not enough – you can get free entry into a prize draw for a Mini Cooper or £10,000 cash.


wow-706857_1280We told it’s going to be amazing!!!   It will be a great fun day out for you or your family, so we look forward to seeing you there.


                                                           HURRY, REGISTER NOW!!!!  

                                                                         Click this image

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 19.24.29

Be one of the fifty people to get a free goody bag

full of exclusive treats and freebies that will not be available on the stands!


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